About Periculum Labs

We build decision intelligence solutions that automate operations for the autonomous vehicles sector, enabling 10 fold reductions in human transportation and packaged goods delivery costs. Our technology, PLFusion emulates higher order human reasoning and fuses it with neural networks, deep learning systems and multi-senor networks so as to augment and automate complex expert decision making. Our flagship product RealFlight enables one pilot to operate multiple drones simultaneously reducing drone delivery costs by 95% from current levels.

We are sad to announce John Foggia, Founder of Periculum Labs Inc Passes Away

John Foggia
, Vice President of Unmanned Systems and Co-Founder of Periculum Labs passed away suddenly on March 31, 2019. Fogg was a U.S. Air Force A-10 pilot and flew multiple combat missions in Desert Storm. He flew for Northwest Airlines and was a test pilot for NASA. He had degrees in Mathematics and Civil Engineering and did his doctoral research at MIT. John was also an early and strong advocate for the use of GPS-based systems in aviation. John spent over a decade in the rapidly growing field of Unmanned Aerial Systems at NASA, Logic Evolved Technologies Inc, Flirtey and at Periculum. John’s vision of a mature UAS industry – fully integrated in the global airspace, drives our plans for advanced mission management applications. John will be remembered by his many friends around the world for his incomparable expertise, unstoppable resolve and indomitable spirit. Fogg was described by one close friend as “ a National Treasure” and we at Periculum were privileged to see that every day.