RealFlight provides powerful UAS Self Piloting and Airspace Management of individual or multiple simultaneous real time operational flight decisions by the GCS.

Humans usually interface with unmanned systems through the ground station. RealFlight emulates higher order human reasoning while performing lower and higher order context-related tasks. Typical straightforward tasks include flight planning, checklist duties, responses to system functions, commands to start and stop processes, and other actions.

Higher order tasks can include:

  • ○ Assimilating real-time weather inputs
  • ○ Assessing vehicle health data
  • ○ Reacting to state changes such as air and ground traffic
  • ○ Unanticipated obstructions and flight path optimization change requirements
  • ○ Handling contingencies and off-nominal conditions.

  • RealFlight considers each individual flight mission, as with human-in-the-loop control. Layers of decision intelligence oversee expanding networks of operations. It prioritizes attention as a function of immediate need, safety of flight, mission satisfaction and other factors.

Significant benefits are realized in the transition from one or more human operators working near the actual flight, for each UA mission, to multiple missions managed by one remotely located operator. Integrated situational awareness inputs feed layers of networked decision intelligence, continually responding to interconnected internal and external feedback loops.