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Advanced AI for Decision Intelligence

Periculum Labs has pioneered advanced artificial intelligence technologies which enable organizations to optimize complex and high-risk decision-making. Our proprietary AI platform injects real-time intelligence into decisions – at scale. Autonomous transportation organizations can increase operational capacity, safely and sustainably.

  • Rapid deployment of decision intelligence where it matters the most

  • Repeatable and transparent decision-making, that continuously improves

  • Available as tailored application, cloud service or imbedded in real time systems

Decision Intelligence for the

Autonomous Vehicle Industry

  • Operate and manage autonomous drone fleets and other AVs, meeting the highest standards for safety, security and operational efficiency.

    ○ Automate drone fleet operations, enabling one operator to control and operate multiple drones
    ○ Dramatically reduce the cost of humans in drone operations
    ○ Enable large-scale drone operations with increasing levels of autonomy
    ○ Optimize the drone “brain” and distributed decision making, through AI and machine learning

  • ○ Address logistics and package delivery challenges including the “last mile”

Autonomous Aerial and Land Vehicle Solutions

Periculum Labs Decision Intelligence is distributed between the ground and airborne segments. RealFlight™ embeds strategic and tactical intelligence in the ground station.StarFlight™ provides critical time-based intelligence for the autopilot or mission function board logic.

UAS Self Piloting and Airspace Management – for individual or multiple simultaneous real time operational flight decisions by the GCS. Read More
UAS Self Piloting onboard autonomous system - distributes and optimizes the safety and operational decision budget. Operates in tandem or separately, with RealFlight. Read More
Flight Conformance Manager
Determines mission eligibility by assessing compliance across multiple external and internal requirement levels. Automates various flight planning tasks. Read More

Risk Assessment Tools and Services

Periculum offers a range of services with time critical, complex operational scenario analysis. We draw upon over a decade of safety and risk management experience in legacy and new operational environments.

  • ○ UAS Test and Evaluation Safety Case Daata Validation Services (Test Center Deployment)
  • ○ UAS Commercial Operations Risk Assessments
  • ○ UAS Countermeasure and Protection Risk Assessments
  • ○ Homeland Security Threat and Risk Assessments
  • ○ Autonomous Vehicle Test and Evaluation Safety Case Data Validation Services (Test Center Deployment)
  • ○ Autonomous Vehicles Technology Safety Case Data Validation services

Other Services
○ Integration studies of technologies into a legacy environment
○ Utility trade space studies of technologies and systems


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